Things to Consider When Adding Solar Panels to Your Home’s Roof

With the high cost of energy these days and with no end in sight to further increases, solar panels are becoming more popular than ever before. Improvements in solar technology have also made them more efficient. But placing solar panels on your home’s roof requires some thought and preparation.  Here are some things to consider if you’re interested in solar panels to reduce your energy costs:

  • Before you even begin this kind of project you need to know if your roof is large enough and of the right shape to allow solar panels to be placed where they will be most efficient. If your roof is not large enough or of the right shape, installing solar panels would not produce the desired results.
  • Solar panels could potentially create problems with water run-off. If solar panels aren’t installed properly, they could divert water from where it should go, which is to your guttering system. Diverting water to other parts of your roof could lead to leaks and future problems. It’s best to share this concern with any contractor you are considering.
  • What is the age of your roof? It really makes no sense to place solar panels on a roof that is near the end of its useful life. Instead, it makes far more financial sense to replace the roof and then add the solar panels. Putting them on and old roof could cause leaks and will eventually cost you more to have the panels removed when eventually you do replace the old roof.
  • It’s absolutely crucial to know if your existing roof is capable of handling the weight of solar panels. While technology has improved solar panels, they are still heavy, and they will add stress to your roof. Before taking any steps to place solar panels on your roof, have a qualified roof inspector inspect your roof to be sure it can handle the load.
  • It may be possible to provide excess electricity generated by your solar panels back to the electrical grid. This is something you should research prior to installation so you understand what fees or restrictions may exist.
  • Lastly, what is the slope of your roof? Because solar panels need to face in the proper direction to work most efficiently, if your roof doesn’t have the proper slope and direction, you should reconsider installing solar panels.

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