The Bowles Roofing Process insures our clients have a clear and transparent explanation of the services we will provide.  No matter how big or small the job, you deserve to understand exactly what and how your roofing project will be fulfilled.  Here is an explanation of the Bowles Roofing Process.


Call, email or come into our office and we will sit down to talk about your roof options.


Once you decide on which roof system is best we will draft the contract. One of our professionals will read it through with you and answer any questions you may have.


At this point we schedule your job. We keep an eye on the weather 24/7, and will make sure that weather permits us to work.

Our trailer is backed up to the roof to unload our materials carefully onto your lawn or driveway. A tarp may be placed on the ground to catch any falling debris and protect your home. Plywood is placed against the windows to protect them during the tear off process.


Our crew beings tearing off your old roof and strips it down to the bare wood. This is the first time original decking is exposed.


We then replace any bad wood on the entire roof. Bowles Roofing will not install a new roof over existing bad wood. We replace your wood with new exterior grade CDX plywood and always fasten every 6” on center with the trusses.


All plywood on your roof is re-nailed. Every 6” inches along all the trusses we will refasten the plywood. This meets the current Florida Building Code.


Before we can dry-in your roof with felt paper we use an Ice & Water shield barrier several places on your roof. This is a self-adhering rubber membrane which will not allow any water to get underneath it or soak through it. When nails penetrate through the Ice & Water shield they are self- sealed by the rubber membrane.

This barrier is installed in all valleys, around roof penetrations, and on low slope roofs it is installed on the eave of the roof.


Now we cover your roof with 30 lb felt paper and fasten it using 7/8” long galvanized simplex nails. This paper meets the current Florida Building code ASTM DR 226. Covering your roof in felt paper has many uses: It protects the roof deck while men are working over it, It protects the roof deck from any rain that may occur and it is used as a backup for the shingles in case of severe windblown rain.

From here your new roof begins to come together piece by piece


We install the eave metal (If your contract calls for it)along the perimeter of your roof.


All roof material (shingles, metal, tile) Are delivered the day we expect to start installing them. Once shingles arrive, we begin installing them.


Metal flashing is the most effective way to prevent leaks in the trouble spots on a roof. It is used as a water barrier and if properly installed will provide just as many years as your roof will. We pay extra close attention to any common problem areas on the roof. This is where the majority of roofing companies go wrong, and have a leaky roof system.


We will install either an Aluminum or Shingle Over ridge vent and utilize as much space as possible to allow the attic to breathe better. Ventilation is required to have a quality roof.

How long should my new roof last?

The life of a roof depends on many factors.  A metal roof can last up to 50 years or longer, while an asphalt shingle roof should last for 20 to 25 years.  Factors such as weather and proper maintenance such as washing the roof can add life to your roof.

Bowles Roofing is committed to your complete satisfaction.  The Bowles Roofing Process is just one step in accomplishing our mission.  Having served the residential and commercial needs of Tallahassee and the surrounding area since 1984, we developed the Bowles Roofing Process to provide our clients with peace of mind.  When you’re ready to start your roofing project, call or contact Bowles Roofing for a free consultation.

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**SERIOUSLY LOOK NO FURTHER** Finding out as a 1st time homeowner that your roof needed replacing was heartbreaking! My 1st call was to Bowles (it was the first on the list). Ms. Diane was a wealth of knowledge and her gentle nurturing personality quickly calmed my anxiety. Matt was very professional and patient with my complicated situation. Their work quality was impeccable and their end of job clean up was great (they cleared the yard better than my yard guy). I was able to choose the color and trim I wanted. Enjoying savings from my energy efficient roof.

Reese Bradley

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