Beware of Unscrupulous and Scam Roofing Contractors

Bowles Roofing, a Tallahassee and Ocala Florida based roofing contractor since 1988 urges homeowners to be cautious when choosing a contractor for roof repairs or replacement.Roof Repair Tallahassee

Unscrupulous Roofing Contractors – Warning Signs

  • Always ensure any contractor who does work on your property is fully licensed and insured including proper workman’s compensation
  • If you aren’t sure you can always contact the State of Florida’s Contractors State License Board to view information on a contractor and determine if they are licensed. The site may be easily accessed at
  • Another major source for information is the Better Business Bureau, which may also show reviews, other information and potentially give a rating to the contractor. The Better Business Bureau can be accessed via, and entering in the contractor’s name and your location.  Always ask for local references
  • Even when circumstances may necessitate it, NEVER rush in to a repair until consulting with your insurance agent regarding the claim to ensure a proper claim is established
  • It’s always prudent to get at least 3 estimates/bids and ensure that all estimates are in writing and that there is a written contract that details the work to be completed, a timeline, materials and how any unforeseen circumstances will come in to play once work has started
  • Once you have chosen your contractor insist that they hold the permit and ask for a lien release to be included in your contract. This prevents the contractor’s supplier from holding you liable for materials that went unpaid
  • Be cautious regarding “up front” payments. Any reputable area roofer will have the funds to secure materials or a standing relationship with multiple suppliers
  • NEVER pay a contractor in cash, and NEVER assign your insurance payments to a contractor. Often referred to as AOB or Assignment of Benefits, doing this will give up your rights to your claim under your policy terms and conditions.  Unscrupulous contractors can take the payment from the insurance company and skip town, or they can end up charging you far more than the insurance company is willing to pay per your policy.  Now, you the homeowner are on the hook for the difference and an unscrupulous contractor can even have a lien placed on your home! According to Insurance Fraud News, published April 1, 2017, “A trend has emerged in the storm-battered Sunshine State in which a relatively small number of roofers and attorneys are utilizing assignment-of-benefits (AOB) clauses in homeowners’ insurance policies to sue insurance companies for more than the actual cost of repair or, in some cases, for non-existent damage.”

Types of Practices to Avoid

  • Beware of “storm chasers”. Often after a major weather event that might include high winds, heavy rains, flooding, fallen trees or hail, you may be approached by “door to door” salesmen with offers that are just too good to be true
  • Other scams include telling the homeowner that if you have a certain type of shingle you are eligible for a “Free Roof Replacement”. Some unscrupulous roofers have even been known to damage your roof during the estimate process to obtain the work
  • A reputable roofer will never ask you to sign a contract which assigns payment directly from your insurance company to the contractor. Always check with your insurance company before entering in to an agreement and ensure that you have a proper claim established
  • Unscrupulous roofing contractors will sometimes entice the homeowner with promises of a “kick back” from the insurance deductible. This is a clear warning sign and these contractors should be avoided
  • Is the contractor located in your town or city? Do they have a local office?  If the contractor cannot satisfy that requirement they should again be avoided

A Trustworthy Roofing Contractor in Tallahassee

Bowles Roofing is your trusted friend in the roofing business in Tallahassee and the surrounding area.  With over 28 years’ experience, and an A+ rating from the BBB, you can count on Bowles Roofing to provide the highest quality roof repair or replacement services for both residential and commercial roofing of all types, including shingles, flat roofs, metal and tile roofs.  We hope you never experience an emergency that requires our services, but if you should, make Bowles Roofing your first call!  Please find out more about us at