5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

by Bowles Roofing | July 28, 2021 | Roof Inspection

Your home or businesses roof is it’s first line of defense against the elements.  It protects its valuable contents as well as the people who occupy it.  It’s for this reason that it’s important to have regularly scheduled roof inspections.  Here are 5 reasons to have a professional inspect your roof.

  1. Minimize Repair Costs – A trained professional roof inspector will be able to detect any problem areas with your roof that may not be obvious to you. By catching potential problems before they become major issues you can avoid the need for expensive emergency repairs and extend the life of your roof
  2. Boost the Lifespan of Your Roof – Keeping ahead of any potential problems through inspections will increase the lifespan of your roof and ultimately save you money.
  3. Ensure Your Roof is Draining Properly – A trained roof inspector will be able to detect areas of a flat roof that may allow for water to pool. Pooling water on a flat roof can leak to leaks and expensive damage.  An inspector will also inspect your home’s gutters to check for stagnant water or where water is allowed to penetrate the eaves.
  4. Detect Leaks – Leaks can not only damage your ceilings and walls, but they can also lead to structural damage. It takes a professional to find small holes that can lead to big problems.  Also, water damage can lead to mold and mildew which can lead to harmful health issues.
  5. Expose Potential Hazards – A roof inspection will detect debris on your roof. Debris on your roof can pose a fire hazard as well as cause damage to your shingles that will shorten their lifespan.

When is the Best Time to Schedule Your Inspection?

There’s never a bad time to schedule a roof inspection.  With that said, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends spring or fall.  Also, any time after a major storm event like a hurricane or severe storm.  Other indications you may want to have your roof inspected are:

  • You have noticed a leak
  • You have concerns about your home’s insulation or ventilation
  • It’s been more than a year or two since your last inspection
  • You notice discolored shingles, curling shingles, or missing shingles

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